Terran insignia small
Terran Republic
Form of Government: Representative Democracy
Leader (Title): President
Governing Body: Legislature of the Terran Republic (Senate and Common Forum)
Homeworld: Earth
Race(s): Humans
Currency: Terran Credit
Colonies: Terran Republic Colonies

The Terran Republic is the primary government of the planet Earth and her colonies.


The Terran Republic government is divided into three separate branches. One is the executive branch, headed by a President elected by the people of the republic as a whole. Another is the Legislative branch, which contains the senate and the common forum. Finally, theres the Judicial branch, which contains the courts of the Terran Republic.

Legislative BranchEdit

The legislative branch of the Terran Republic contains two houses, the senate and the common forum.

The senate is comprised of representatives from colony worlds in Terran Republic space. The colonies are required to elect two senators per colony, however, protectorates ocassionally send one non-voting representative to the senate. The senate is headed by a chancellor, which is elected by the senators of the senate.

Like the senate, the common forum is comprised of representatives from republic colonies and protectorates. However, the number of representatives in the forum is determined by the population of the colony or protectorate, determined by every million and billion. The forum is headed by a Prime Minister, which is elected by the population of the republic.

Executive BranchEdit

The Executive branch of the Terran Republic government is overseen by the President of the Terran Republic, who also serves as the Commander-in-Chief of the military, and as the head of state. The President is also responsible for setting foreign policy, is the chief ambassador to other worlds and can appoint diplomatic envoys to represent Earth policy in it's foreign embassy's. The President's term of office is five years, with elections taking place in november. In the event that the President is incapacitated or killed the Vice President takes over and is sworn in for the remainder of the current term, after which the former Vice President must stand for re-election.

Judicial BranchEdit



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