Terra Nova
Dominant Race: humans (colonized)
Affiliation: Terran Republic
Capital City: Jefferson City
Population: 1 Billion
Satellites: Luna Nova
Star: Fomalhuat
Star System: Fomalhuat system

Terra Nova is the third planet in the Fomalhuat system, 20 light years from Earth.

The planet was colonized in 2161, as part of a project known as Gaia Experiment, seeing if humans can colonize extrasolar planets. The first settlement, known as Jefferson City was built on the shore of the eastern continent, with homes and service buildings built from the colony ship TRS Mayflower. The city eventually expanded until it was a vast metropolis with a population of 96 Million people. With that, the Gaia Experiment was deemed a sucess.

During the Strekkelan War, the colonies governor declared martial law, saying the he was "protecting the colony he loved so much". In reality, he was rounding up the Strekkelans who lived on the colony before the war, placing them in Detention Area 15, a concentration camp with poor hygenics shacks instead of regular homes. However, when a group of Strekellan children refused to go, they started forming a youth movement against the governor, recruiting teenagers from across the colony. They revealed the conspiracy to the people and the governor was thrown from power.

During the 24th century, the planet saw an increase in the alien population of the planet. The Ponea escaped a deadly disease on the planet, emigrating the colony until a cure could be found. The Xantoran government collapsed, leaving many organizations vying for power, as a result, many citizens of Xantoras evacuated themselves, saying they will not return until their government is stable. More recently, the Kinjal homeworld had experienced severe seismic activity, causing severe destruction of the planets capital. Several adults on the planet were killed, leaving many orphans, and many who chose to adopt them lived on Terra Nova.