Sirius III
Dominant Race: humans (colonized)
Affiliation: Terran Republic
Capital City: New Delphi
Population: 50 million
Star: Sirius
Star System: Sirius system

Sirius III is a Terran Republic colony world.

The original inhabitants of the planet called their world Criliop, which fell under the rule of the Tkon Empire. During the Tkon Civil War, the inhabitants of the planet revolted, leading to the destruction of all major cities.

In 2178, the planet was discovered by Terran Republic scouts. The place was considered perfect for colonization by the senate; however, the senate was also considering the displacement of the Gorlan species, whose homeworld was destroyed by the Dref close to the end of the Dref War. It was eventually decided that the 100,000 remaining Gorlans were to colonize the planet along with Humans. This was deemed a success when the population of the Gorlans on the planet reached 3 Million.

In 2278, John Gill was elected governor of the colony. In his first act in office, he announced the creation of a task force known as the Minutemen in order to "keep order on the colony". In reality, he created them to round-up aliens and place them in segregated areas of cities on the colony. In responce to this, several teenagers formed a movement called the Ghosts, which opposed Gill's policies. Eventually, the movement exposed Gill's deception and Gill was voted out of office.

Sirius III has a variety of animals on the planet; both native and introduced. Horses were brought to the planet to assist in the farming. However, some horses escaped and started forming populations in the wilds. Native to the planet is the Polfer, a large alligator-like carnivore which hunts in packs like wolves. Also introduced to the planet is the baboons. They were released for background effect for a movie being filmed on the planet; afterwards, populations began cropping up all over the planet.