Regula IV
Dominant Race: humans (colonized)
Affiliation: Tkon Empire
Terran Republic
Population: 700,000
Satellites: 1
Star: Regula
Star System: Regula system

Regula IV is a Terran Republic agricultural planet with a small population. The planet was believed to have been home to a Tkon colony, as ruins were found on the planets southern continent.

The planet was originally colonized to take advantage of the planets mineral wealth. However, when famine struck the Terran Republic after their war with the Strekkelans, the colonists took advantage of the rich fertile soil on the planet and tried to abandon the mining operation for farming. However, the governor insisted that the mining would continue. The colonists revolted, saying that they could help the republic, in responce, the governor sent the Colonial Militia to "put them down". The revolt suceeded and the planet was transformed into an agricultural colony.

The largest cities (except for New Seattle, the capital) on the planet were eventually abandoned in favor of smaller communities across the planet. Some of these settlements were large community enclaves, while others were community farms. High tech windmills took the place of the planets power reactors, which were destroyed in the revolt.

In the 2550's several colonists were poisoned by drinking from a small stream near the ruins of one of the old mines. The governor of the colony was convinced that a group of colonists were trying to recontinue the mining operation. He then launched an investigation of the mines, finding, to his suprise, that none of the equipment has been touched. It was later found out that the poison had come from a leak from one of the old reactors. The reactors were eventuslly dismantled and the parts were sold off planet. An influx in the planets alien population came when two primitive worlds exploded.

The world of Niacin was destroyed when a Wedrab mining ship exploded at the planets core, while several children were saved, many warriors and women were killed. On Drell, an asteroidic moon crashed into the planet, leading to the planet developing a second ice age. The planet was secretly evacuated and the survivors were taken to the planet.