Life-form Type: Humanoid
Homeworld: Nildt IV
Government: Niydron Star Republic (until 2700)
Achieved Interstellar Travel: 2048

The Nihydron are a friendly species from the world of Nildt IV. Their warshipss are equipt with cannon which emit an EM pulse, disabling the sheilds of any ship.

They made contact with the Terran Republic in the mid-23rd century and allied themselves with the Republic and the Mawasi Empire during their war against the Strekkelans. They also assisted the Mawasi after the Great Galactic War alongside the Terran Republic to rebuild the Mawasi economy. However, at the dawn of the 28th century, the star in their home system went supernova, destroying their homeworld.

In response to this, Terran Republic officials met with the governors of New Nildt, Bolzak, Pasol II, Alquia and Tornel, five major colonies vying for power. However, the five planets eventually formed their own armies and fleets and the Nihydron Civil War began. Thirty-nine minor colonies were destroyed in the first year of the war, the survivors of these colonies transported themselves to Terran Republic space.