Life-form Type: Reptilian humanoid
Homeworld: Entab

The Entaban are a humanoid reptilian species from the world of Entab.

Their world was once a state of total anarchy, with several nations vying for complete power over the planet. However, also living on their homeworld was a peaceful, agrarian humanoid species known as the Debrune and a warrior race known as the Tarkan. One man, known as Arkon united his people by turning them against the Debrune and Tarkan, using them as scapegoats for the planets difficulties.

Arkon ordered both races to be exterminated. Rounding them up in concentration camps by working them until they die. The Final Solution, was put into affect, the entire southern continent where they inhabited being nuked. But not before several thousand escaped.

Soon, the Entaban began building their own ships, to pursue the Debrune survivors. Soon, the Terran Republic intervened, before an Entaban Attack Fighter could destroy a debrune survivor ship, a squadron of human attack fighters destroyed it. A war of seven days ended when the Terran Republic invaded their homeworld. Saros ebabled a rebuilding of the Debrune and Takan populations of the planet.