The Colonial Government is a term refering to the governing bodies of Terran Republic Colonies.

Executive BranchEdit

Colonial Governments are slight mirrors of the federal government, with a governor heading the executive branch with a lieutenant governor. Other officials in the executive branch include Colonial Attorney General, Secretary of the Colony, Colonial auditors, Colonial treasurers, a Commissioner of Colonial Education and Commissioner of Colonial Agriculture.

Legislative BranchEdit

The Legislative branches of Terran Republic Colonies are known as Colonial Legislatures. Most of the legislatures are bicameral, with a senate headed by a Colonial Chancellor and a common forum headed by a Colonial Minister. However, some legislatures are unicameral, with only a senate. The houses meet in the Colonial Capital House, located in the colonies capital.

Judiciary BranchEdit

The Judicial branch of a colonial government has a Chief Colonial Justice heading it and four other Colonial Justices in the Colonial Supreme Court, which oversees Colonial Laws.