Centauri VII
Centauri VII
Dominant Race: humans (colonized)
Affiliation: Terran Republic
Population: Millions
Star: Alpha Centauri
Star System: Alpha Centauri system

Centauri VII is a Terran Republic colony. It is considered part of the Alpha Centauri Colonies.

The colonies original settlement was built on a small peninsula on the southern continent. However, five months later, when supply ships traveled to the colony; they found the settlement completely abandoned, with no sign of any ships leaving the planet. Because of this, the planet was declared unsafe until an explanation could be found. One year later, a small disturdance was detected on the planet. Ruther investigations discovered it was a temporal device created by an advanced species which disappeared centuries ago. The colonists were discovered to have disappeared into the future through the portal. The cave was declared off-limts and the planet was recolonized. This incident became known as the Centauri Incident.

During the Kenshek War, refugees from several worlds destroyed by the Kenshek were brought to medical facilities on Centauri VII and Tripoli.