Centauri IV
Dominant Race: humans (colonized)
Affiliation: Terran Republic
Capital City: New Athens
Population: 6 Billion
Habitability: Class M
Satellites: Akren
Star: Alpha Centauri
Star System: Alpha Centauri system

Centauri IV is the fourth planet in the Alpha Centauri system and is considered to be part of the Alpha Centauri Colonies.

Centauri was colonized by humans in 2178. Originally, the plan was to house a temporary mining colony. However, when the Three Laws of Colonization were established, the mining project was abandoned on the planet itself and was moved to the moons of Akren and Poldrek. However, over time, the population continued to grow and the planet became a thriving colony.

During the Strekkelan War, the colony was considered a target for Strekkelan invasion forces. In the final days of the war, the Strekkelans attempted to take the colony to provide materials for their ships. However, the colonists proved to be more resiliant and killed or captured much of the invasion force, even destroying the transport ship.

The planet has a large variety of flora and fauna. The Karxt are a pack hunting canine species which reside in the planets forests and on the plains, hunting Centaurian elks. Some Karx have been captured and domesticated by the colonists by cutting off their long tails. The Torkel are a flying species of mammal which resemble large Earth bats the size of hawks. They are common among the colonists as pets, used for carrying messages across long distances.