Life-form Type: Feline-humanoid
Homeworld: Bokt

The Boktians are a feline-humanoid species from the world of Bokt.

They were originally a society of hunters and gatherers, fighting over the little resources on their homeworld. The tribes were divided based upon the color of their fur. To save them from extinction, a group of Terran Republic anthropologists studied their religion, finding an ancient prophecy saying that their goddess known as Peltauri will one day guide their people to new homes in the stars on birds of light.

Members of several tribes were evacuated from the planet just as the planet disintergrated when the sun went supernova. They were taken to Terran Republic space, where they learned to live in peace with their neighbors. The Boktians are currently in a four-way tie with the Baezians, the Chenari and the Pelosians as the second most dominant species in Terran Republic space.