Dominant Race: Rokain (formerly)
humans (colonized)
Affiliation: Rokain Empire (formerly)
Terran Republic
Capital City: Bergland City
Population: 1 Billion

Bergland is a Terran Republic colony world located near the border between the Terran Republic and the Mawasi Empire.

The planet was once a Rokain colony in 1456. However, a slave revolt on the planet led to the slaughter of most of the colony, however, the slaughter of the colonists was put forth by the tyranical general Oldos. For seven years, a three way war waged on the planet ending with all three sides exterminating each other with atomic weapons. One rebel, Peldu survived by being placed in stasis.

In 2183, the planet was settled by humans. Almost five years after establishing the colony, the arcaeologists on the colony began exploring the ruins, finding old records discussing the Rokain and the slave revolt. The Bergland Museum of Science and History has an entire exhibit which was dedicated to the history of the slave revolt and the massacre they suffered under. Originally, it was interpreted that Peldu was working with the rebellion and designed atomic weapons which killed eight hundred Rokain. It was until 2283 that the history was revised, when Peldu was found in stasis under the ruined city of Oiry.